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Temporary Recruitment Methodology

temp recruitment methodology

About Temporary Recruitment

Sometimes, you may need to augment your staff for a major project or get through a busy period -- without adding permanent personnel. Our roster of experienced temporary professionals fills the bill.

Because of their vast experience in the recruitment industry, Siyaya Placements carefully selected staff of temporary professionals can hit the ground running with minimal lead-time. Since temporary professionals are focused on a specific project or task, they can often complete jobs sooner than your permanent staff. With temporary staffers on the case, your team is free to concentrate on those issues that only they can solve. 

When your project ends or you find that you no longer need additional help, our temporary professionals will brief your team so that the transition is smooth. On the other hand, if you decide that you can't live without your temporary staffer, you may choose to hire the professional directly as an employee.  

Pre-screening and Testing
All temporary employees on our roster have been carefully screened in their skill area. You don't have to sift through resumes and schedule countless interviews -- we've already done that part for you.  

Straightforward Billing
Siyaya Placements bills you a per-hour rate for the temporary employee. The rate is approved by you before we send you any candidates.  

Since the temp is an employee of Siyaya Placements, not your company, you do not pay the employee directly. Instead, Siyaya Placements sends you regular invoices for the hours worked. We take care of processing the employee's timesheets and reporting to SARS. So you don't have to.  

No Obligation to Hire
When you use Siyaya Placements staff recruitment services, you are under no obligation to hire one of our temporary employees. While we are confident that we will be able to find a suitable candidate, you are not restricted from advertising the position elsewhere.  

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