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Specialising in sourcing scarce skills senior talent and executives.

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Why Siyaya?

Clients remember us because we take the time to get to know them.  We work only with a select group of clients, making it our business to spend time with them; understanding their needs and organisational goals.  Because of this we are able to match far more effectively, having an in-depth understanding not only of the technical aspects of a position but also the client's culture and business environment within which they operate.

Why you should consider utilising Siyaya Placements?

Fast and Accurate
  • We provide a fast and accurate specialist recruitment service.
  • We endeavour to match candidates with the right opportunity to ensure a lasting employer/employee relationship.
Owner Managed
  • Siyaya Placements is an owner managed recruitment company.
  • We understand what our clients are seeking.
  • Our years of experience in staff recruitment (15 years company experience and 17 years team experience).
Formal Training
  • We are formally trained to validate a CV.
Take Responsibility
  • The philosophy of “taking responsibility” comes from the top.
  • We are effectively able to utilise eTechnology tools implemented by corporate clients.
  • Our proven creativity in sourcing candidates.
Large Database
  • A large national database made up of over 50 000 talented leaders which has been built up over 15 years (60% EE).
Financially Stable
  • Financials are available on client request.
Reduce Client's Recruitment Costs
  • We actively strive to reduce our client's recruitment costs by:
    • Sourcing the right candidate for the right position first time.
    • Reducing staff turnover by communicating the company culture and employer brand honestly to candidates to ensure a long term employer/employee relationship.
    • Establishing reasons why a candidate is in the market and communicating this to the client.  The client is therefore able to make an informed choice regarding the candidate.
    • Offering fixed fee services which reduce the client's recruitment cost.
    • Saving the client time by performing an accurate recruitment service.
Effective Technological Infrastructure
  • Utilise Easy Recruit software
  • Latest software & hardware equipment
  • Back-up systems in place relating to Disaster Recovery Plan
  • Supported by outsourced IT support team
Add Value Services offered
  • A free Discus personality test is completed with all shortlisted candidates. 
  • Attached with each CV is a Professional Consultant Assessment of the candidate based on the interview.
  • We consult with clients regarding advertising messages and media strategies.
  • Breaking industry News and Trends is forwarded to clients. 
  • Background checks are conducted.


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